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And your private life becomes private again...

  • Centralize all of your private communications
  • Securely share confidential information
  • Enjoy an intuitive interface
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One tool to rule all your private communications


You'll always know the confidentiality level of your messages, contacts, files, devices or whatever

user experience

A modern user experience for a better feeling with the application, everything is natural and design thinked

  • About

    Why this project? What is the point? How is it different from what you are currently using to communicate with family, friends and colleagues?Read more

  • Features

    De nombreuses fonctionnalités avancées sont mises à votre disposition au sein de notre solution. Échangez simplement et sereinement avec votre entourage, et découvrez des possibilités multiples qui sont le fruit d'une longue réflexion et qui désormais vous faciliterons la vie.Read more

  • Contact

    Would you like to express your opinion on CaliOpen? Want to be a part of the adventure and participate in the creation of a new tool which aims to radically change the way people communicate? Help us, join us!Read more